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The LandPKS Knowledge Hub is a space for exploring knowledge about land potential. Here, you can find valuable information about managing your land.



Measuring utilization: What, why, where, when, and how?

Step-by-step, illustrated instructions for measuring utilization with the LandPKS mobile app.

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Manual: Monitoring Rangeland Health (Stick Method Used In LandPKS)

A Guide for Pastoralist Communities and Other Land Managers in Eastern Africa (Version II)

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How to Use the LandPKS App to Learn about Your Soil

Follow along with this short tutorial on how to use the LandPKS mobile app to identify your soil and learn about its characteristics.

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Unlocking the Sustainable Potential of Land Resources: Tools and References from the International Resource Panel Report

The 2016 report “Unlocking the Sustainable Potential of Land Resources: Evaluation Systems, Strategies, and Tools,” written by the International Resource Panel (IRP), examines how to better evaluate and use the potential of land on the way to achieving land degradation neutrality.

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Training Videos: SoilHealth

The LandPKS Soil Health module allows users to input and track data about the dynamic properties of soil that are important for productivity and sustainability.

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Training Videos: LandInfo

A 5-part video training about how to use the LandPKS LandInfo module to identify your soil.

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Training Video: LandManagement

A short video training about how to use the LandPKS LandManagement module.

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Training Videos: Vegetation

The Vegetation Module provides tools to collect quantitative vegetation data that can be compared from year to year. Watch this two-part video training for rapid vegetation monitoring.

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Video: LandPKS Empowers Rangeland Managers

Chad Ellis explains why LandPKS is going to help empower producers to make them better tomorrow than they are today.

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Video: LandPKS for Land-Use Planning in Ethiopia

Adane Buni, the Ethiopian LandPKS Coordination Officer, describes how LandPKS is being used for land-use planning in Ethiopia.

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