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How to Soil Texture

Watch Dr. Shawn Salley demonstrate how to use the LandPKS to soil texture in the field.

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How LandPKS is used at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy uses LandPKS to understand the effects that soils, climate, and topography have on vegetation distribution.

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Global citizen science for people

We believe that the attitude of favoring opinion over evidence is changing, due in part to a recognition of the benefits of globalized access to environmental knowledge.

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A Comparison of Soil-Texture-by-Feel Estimates: Implications for the Citizen Soil Scientist

Estimating soil texture is a fundamental practice universally applied by soil scientists to classify and understand the behavior, health, and management of soil systems.

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LandPKS Quick Guide and Manual in Amharic

The LandPKS quick guide and a full manual from the Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia in Amharic.

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LandPKS Training Guide – Swahili

Mwongozo kamili wa mafunzo ya LandPKS kwa Kiswahili.

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LandPKS Training Guide – Oromic

Qajeelifama Leenjii ‘LandPKS’ guutuu. | Ergaa gabaabaa ‘LandPKS’ fuula tokkoo.

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LandPKS Training Guide – French

Un guide de formation complet de LandPKS en français.

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