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Discover the value and potential of your land. Use this information to plan and track management actions. Monitor soil health and vegetation indicators over time.

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The LandPKS mobile app is a complete toolkit for sustainable land management. Use features from a selection of modules based on your land management needs. Many mobile app features are available offline!


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LandInfo Module

  • Soil characterization and identification with links to NRCS and FAO soil information
  • Soil infiltration and plant available water-holding capacity prediction
  • Ecological Site identification (US)
  • Land Capability Classification
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LandManagement Module

  • Calendar-based farm record keeping
  • Record yield, rainfall, planting dates, and more
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SoilHealth Module

  • Monitor soil health with simple field observations – no lab required
  • Record NRCS-aligned soil health indicators
  • Store lab results for pH, soil organic carbon/matter, and electrical conductivity
Vegetation data collection
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LandCover Module

  • 20-minute cover, composition, and height monitoring using a yard or meter stick
  • Biomass and utilization
  • BLM-AIM/NRCS-NRI-compatible data collection
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Habitat Module

  • View select species that may occur in your area
  • Compare species habitat characteristics to your data
LandPKS Learning

Knowledge Hub

Find tutorials, videos, and helpful guides for using  LandPKS. Learn more about the methods used in the app. Access student and teacher resources. Access helpful resources for managing your land. 

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Training & User Guides

Videos and downloadable guides to quickly learn how to use LandPKS, as well as tech support.

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LandPKS Modules & Functions

Descriptions and background information for each of the LandPKS modules.

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Habitat Information

Factsheets and other helpful resources about the wildlife species living on your land. (US only)

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Start with the LandPKS app on your mobile device. Access, edit, and download your data at your desk. 

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