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The LandPKS Knowledge Hub is a space for exploring knowledge about land potential. Here, you can find valuable information about managing your land.



Video: LandPKS for Rangeland Conservation Management in Kenya

David Kimiti uses LandPKS at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, which manages land for both wildlife conservation and livestock production.

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Video: Using LandPKS for Research and Extension

Jeremy Schallner at New Mexico State University uses LandPKS for vegetation monitoring for research and extension.

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Intro to LandManagement Module

LandManagement is a simple tool for farm & garden record-keeping. Using the Field Calendar, you can track a wide range of activities and events on your land. Watch this video to learn how to use LandManagement!

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One-Day LandPKS Training Materials (app v. 3.0)

Download all of the materials needed for a one-day training for LandPKS 3.0.

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What is Land Potential?

It is important to understand not only the potential production capacity of land but also its potential resilience. Land potential is the capacity of land to resist and recover from degradation.

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Unlocking the Sustainable Potential of Land Resources: Evaluation Systems, Strategies and Tools. A Report of the Working Group on Land and Soils of the International Resource Panel

This report provides an introduction to land potential evaluation systems, strategies and tools necessary to implement a no-regrets” strategy for sustainably increasing agricultural production on existing land, targeting restoration efforts to where they are likely to be most successful, and guiding biodiversity conservation initiatives.

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Soil Mapping Scale and Information Uncertainty

One of the major benefits of soil classification systems is the fact that soil classes, when correlated to the biophysical properties of the landscape, can be mapped with relative accuracy. 

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User Guide for Rangeland Managers

Get started using LandPKS for rangeland managers in 5 easy steps.

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LandPKS Audience Overview

At LandPKS, we are proud of the fact that our products can serve a wide range of audiences. Our audiences live all over the world and work in many different sectors.

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User Guide for Urban Gardeners

Get started using LandPKS for urban gardeners in 5 easy steps.

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