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One-Day LandPKS Training Materials (app v. 3.0)

Download all of the materials needed for a one-day training for LandPKS 3.0.

The one-day training package includes the Trainers’ training manual and supporting materials (attendee training guide, PowerPoint presentations, reading materials, worksheets, and assessments).

Training topics

Using The LandPKS App

Installing the App
Correctly Collecting Data With The App
– Introduction To The LandPKS App Screens
– Selecting Appropriate Numbers and Locations of Plots
– Collecting Data With LandInfo
– Digging A Soil Pit And Preparing Good Soil Samples
Collecting Data With LandCover
Using The Stick Method
Uploading LandInfo and LandCover Data
Troubleshooting App Problems
– Resolving Location Errors
– Unfreezing A Frozen App
– Understanding Why Plots Have Not Uploaded
Analyzing And Interpreting The Output
– Accessing And Using The LandPKS Data Portal
– Analyzing and Interpreting The Output In General
– Analyzing and Interpreting the Smartphone Output
– Analyzing and Interpreting the Data Portal Output
– Analyzing and Interpreting The Output In Specific Contexts
– Rangeland Context
– Agriculture Context

This training was developed by the Agriculture and Food Security Section of SERVIR, in collaboration with the Land Potential Knowledge System Team.

Download the Training Materials

The Training Materials include guides, presentations, and worksheets. Download the zip file

Accompanying videos are hosted on YouTube.

Soil Texture

Digging a Hole

Filling a Hole

Collecting Soil from Inside a Hole

If you have a need for the video files, contact us.





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