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The LandPKS Knowledge Hub is a space for exploring knowledge about land potential. Here, you can find valuable information about managing your land.



Video: LandPKS for Land-Use Planning in Ethiopia

Adane Buni, the Ethiopian LandPKS Coordination Officer, describes how LandPKS is being used for land-use planning in Ethiopia.

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Video: LandPKS for Rangeland Conservation Management in Kenya

David Kimiti uses LandPKS at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, which manages land for both wildlife conservation and livestock production.

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Video: Using LandPKS for Research and Extension

Jeremy Schallner at New Mexico State University uses LandPKS for vegetation monitoring for research and extension.

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Intro to LandManagement Module

LandManagement is a simple tool for farm & garden record-keeping. Using the Field Calendar, you can track a wide range of activities and events on your land. Watch this video to learn how to use LandManagement!

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One-Day LandPKS Training Materials (app v. 3.0)

Download all of the materials needed for a one-day training for LandPKS 3.0.

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How to Soil Texture

Watch Dr. Shawn Salley demonstrate how to use the LandPKS to soil texture in the field.

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Different Outcomes of Climate and Land Potential at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Dr. David Kimiti briefly describes the different outcomes that arise with varying climate and land potential in Lakipia.

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How LandPKS is used at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy uses LandPKS to understand the effects that soils, climate, and topography have on vegetation distribution.

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