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Small Farms

LandPKS offers a collection of simple tools for farmers and market gardeners. Identify your soil and determine water holding capacity. Plan and record gardening activities. Monitor soil health.

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Simple Tools for Farming on Smaller Scales

With the LandPKS app, you can determine your soil texture, color and other site characteristics. Plan and track your gardening activities. Monitor soil health with simple field observations. Keep data private or share with others on the Data Portal. For instructions on getting started with LandPKS on small farms and market gardens download the user guide below.


Soil color

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Soil Identification and Site Characterization

  • Identify your soil based on NRCS (US) or FAO (International) soil maps
  • Record slope, texture, and color for more accurate soil ID
  • Access estimates of the infiltration rate and water holding capacity of the soil at your site. View how these change with increased soil organic matter.
  • Growing degree days 
Cherry tomatoes

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Plan and Track Garden Activities

  • Planting dates and yield 
  • Weed and pest management
  • Nutrient management and compost applications 
  • Irrigation and rainfall 

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Monitor Soil Health

  • Track visual observations like soil compaction and biological activity
  • Store lab data with your field observations for easy reference
Bird in field

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Discover Potential Wildlife Species in Your Area (North America only)

  • View a selection of species that may occur near your location
  • Compare habitat characteristics with your data
LandPKS Learning

Learning Center

Find tutorials, videos, and helpful guides for using LandPKS. Learn more about the methods used in the app. Access student and teacher resources. Access helpful resources for managing your land.

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Training & User Guides

Videos and downloadable guides to quickly learn how to use LandPKS, as well as tech support.

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LandPKS Modules & Functions

Descriptions and background information for each of the LandPKS modules.

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Habitat Information

Factsheets and other helpful resources about the wildlife species living on your land. (US only)

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News, updates, and deep-dives into the LandPKS platform and resources for sustainable land management.  

LandPKS in the Field

Mobile App

Download LandPKS today for free and discover the value and potential of your land. Use this information to plan and track management actions, and to monitor soil health and vegetation indicators over time.

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LandPKS in the Field

LandPKS Mobile AppMobile App

Start with the LandPKS app on your mobile device. Record field data and access soil information. Download the app for free.

LandPKS at your Desk

LandPKS Data PortalData Portal

View, edit, and download your data from your computer. Explore public soil information and data from LandPKS users worldwide.

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Details on upcoming LandPKS trainings, webinars, conferences, and other events.   

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