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Getting Started with LandPKS

Review one or more of these materials for a quick overview of key features of the app and how to get started - or simply download the app and explore!

Hands with soil balls

Video: Sustainable Land Management In Your Hands

This overview video describes how the LandPKS mobile app can help you collect, store, and interpret soil, land, vegetation, and management data.

This video is for all users new to LandPKS.

Duration: 2:23

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Two women taking utilization field measurements in a cow pasture with black cattle in the background

User Guide

This two-page guide is all you need to start using LandPKS. Includes QR links to selected training videos for easy use in the field.

three people using the app in the field

LandPKS Training Guide

Six-page PDF with instructions for collecting soil and vegetation data using LandPKS.

Hands with soil balls

Video: How to Use the LandPKS App to Learn More About Your Soil

Follow along with this video tutorial on how to use the LandPKS mobile app to identify your soil and learn about its characteristics.

Note: this video is based on version 3.5.0 of the LandPKS mobile app.

Duration: 5:55

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