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Agricultural Extension

LandPKS can be used to help extension workers access soil information, share it with producers, and allow producers to easily collect and share their type of soil if agents are unable to visit the farm.

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Getting started with LandPKS

Review one or more of these materials for a quick overview of key features of the app and how to get started – or simply download the app and explore!

Identify and describe soils and limitations

Learn all about the LandInfo module and how it helps with soil identification and information.

Understanding soil maps and soil variability

These materials provide additional information on how to access site-specific soil information and determine soil water holding capacity using LandPKS.

Land evaluation with LandPKS

The 8-Class Land Capability Classification is used for land evaluation to support land use planning in many countries. Learn how to use LandPKS to determine and adjust LCC evaluations.

Soil health training videos

The LandPKS Soil Health module allows users to input and track data about the dynamic properties of soil that are important for productivity and sustainability.

Vegetation measurements

Learn how to use LandPKS to  monitor vegetation, composition and structure, and estimate utilization.


Learn about the habitat requirements for local species (currently US only) and compare with your own soil and vegetation data collected using other LandPKS modules.

LandManagement recordkeeping

The self-explanatory LandManagement module includes simple forms for recording management activities.

LandPKS applications

Learn how individuals and organizations around the world are using LandPKS.

K-12 lesson plans

Lesson plans for the classroom.

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