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Webinar: Learning about your Land and its Potential with LandPKS

This webinar series targets rangeland managers and others who are interested in learning how to use LandPKS, and in exploring the app’s new Habitat and Soil Health modules in a rangeland management context.

Learn how to use LandPKS on rangelands!

This webinar features an overview of possibilities for using the LandPKS app to access rangeland knowledge, and LandPKS as a tool for regenerative agriculture. You will learn how to use the app’s LandInfo (for soil identification and characterization, and ecological site identification) and LandCover (for vegetation monitoring) modules, essential building blocks for the following sessions.

Live demo at 15:31, Q&A at 28:52

This series was produced in collaboration with our partners at The Nature Conservancy in Colorado. An NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant supported this work.


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