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Sustainable Land Management Curriculum: A 3-Lesson Module

A three-lesson curriculum developed by the Asombro Institute, designed to teach students aged 10-14 about how to use LandPKS to share data, information, and knowledge.

Three Lesson Module: Students Using LandPKS to Share Data, Information, and Knowledge

Target Audience: Students aged 10 – 14. To ensure adherence with best pedagogical practices and educational standards, lessons are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards for grades 5 – 8 in the U.S. The concepts and activities are also relevant for older students and adults.

In this three-lesson module, students become part of the LandPKS knowledge-sharing team through fun and engaging lessons. This module includes:

  • Teacher guides
  • Student worksheets
  • Student instruction cards (task cards)
  • PowerPoint presentations

These activities are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to the Land Potential Knowledge System

60 minutes

Students receive an introduction to the LandPKS program and goals. They participate in hands-on activities that introduce them to the soil indicators they will be using in the next lesson to collect data with the LandPKS applications. Each activity helps students: (1) understand the importance of the indicators, (2) become familiar with the options for each indicator, and (3) acquaint themselves with the application screens they will interact with in the field.

Lesson 1 Download – PDF (2 MB)

PowerPoint Download (47 MB)

Lesson 2 – Data Collection

60 minutes

Lesson 2 puts the knowledge students gained in the classroom in Lesson 1 into action as they collect data outside. Students work in groups to collect data on soil properties, land cover, and other characteristics of one or more sites in the schoolyard or local area.

Lesson 2 Download – PDF (2 MB)

PowerPoint 2 Download (1 MB)

Lesson 3 – Using LandPKS to Solve a Management Dilemma

60 minutes

In this final lesson of the module, students will use the data they collected in Lesson 2 to generate Land Capability Classifications (LCCs) using the LandPKS app. They will learn about and apply their new knowledge of LCCs to design a possible solution to a land management dilemma.

Lesson 3 Download – PDF (2 MB)

PowerPoint 3 Download (1 MB)

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The Asombro Institute for Science Education is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to increasing natural science literacy through engaging, place-based education. Asombro serves more than 25,000 K-12 students in New Mexico with inquiry-based science education programs in classrooms and schoolyards. Asombro also develops innovative science education activities that can be used by educators around the world. LandPKS and Asombro worked together to design an engaging, three-lesson education module about land potential to prepare students to become informed decision-makers.



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