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LandPKS Summary

  • This one-page summary describes the LandPKS project, our partners, and current and future features of the LandPKS mobile app. The summary is used as a handout/flyer at workshops or presentations, and is a condensed explanation of the project as a whole.

Training Guide

  • View our user guide to learn more about logging in, creating sites, and collecting data with the LandPKS mobile app. The guide also goes into detail about the types of data collected in the app and how to collect that data.

Resources for Teachers:

LandPKS Resources

LandPKS Teaching Manual on the implications for land degradation and restoration using the LandInfo module. The manual uses case studies and examples from Kenya to explore land management concepts. The manual includes:

  • A description of the LandPKS application indicators
  • Indicators and how they impact land degradation
  • Field examples
  • Discussion questions

Education Manual

Asombro Institute For Science Education

Three-lesson Land Potential Knowledge System education module developed by the Asombro Institute for Science Education. The objective of the curriculum is to:

  • Help students learn about the effects of climate, soil, topography, and plant characteristics on land
  • Give students the opportunity to use the LandPKS app to collect data on a site
  • Encourage students to make land management inferences about their sites using the LandPKS app-generated Land Capability Classifications (LCCs)

The module includes:

  • Student Worksheets
  • Teacher Guides
  • Task Cards

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LandPKS Version 3.0 Online Training- Moodle

  • This is the most up-to-date Online LandPKS Training and serves as a comprehensive guide on how to download and use the LandPKS app, including the LandInfo and LandCover Modules for the LandPKS app Version 3.0 which was released in March 2018. This training is flexible, it can be completed in one day or over the course of several days. Participants may choose to complete the entire training or select sections that will help them further their understanding of the LandPKS app. This training includes topics such as: how to use the LandPKS app, analysis and interpretation of results, and use of the Data Portal.

One-Day LandPKS Training Materials (app v. 3.0)- Google Drive

    • These are the most-up-to-date training materials, and provide a comprehensive guide on how to conduct a LandPKS training for the LandPKS app, version 3.0, which was released in March 2018. These documents are meant to guide an instructor on how to effectively train people who will be using LandPKS in the field. These training materials are ideal for groups or organizations who want to conduct their own LandPKS training for their members, staff, or partners. Instructors can select from the variety of training materials to customize their own LandPKS training. These training materials include a complete guide to conducting LandPKS training including activities, worksheets, and assessments. To get started click here.


Training Materials in Other Languages:

Available here

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