Frequently Asked Questions

***For all application inquiries, please ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of LandPKS (version 3.0)***

Problems with the Apps

Q. Why can’t I sign into Gmail?

A. Go to Settings>Date and Time and uncheck any automatic date/time/time zone. Select your appropriate timezone for your current location. You may manually set the date and time as appropriate. Go back to Settings>Accounts.Google (or add account if Google not present, select Google). Enter in login information, and you should be logged in to Google.

Q: Why am I having issues getting a GPA lat/long fix?

A1: Turn off location and turn back on again

A2: Turn off and reboot

A3: Check Settings>Location>Mode>GPS only.

Q: Why can’t I see any of my previously uploaded plots in LandInfo/LandCover?

A: Before heading to field, open each app while under wifi in order to see all plots. While under wifi or mobile network, open both LandInfo and LandCover applications to allow plots to load. Apps with full access to plot data now ready to work offline.

Data Portal

Q. How do I retrieve my data from the Data Portal?

A. On the portal webpage (hyperlink available on LandInfo Results screen on mobile), enter your email address you used to collect data in the apps in the open field “Recorder email.” Select “LandInfo”or “LandCover” from the drop down directly below to choose from which app you would like data. Click “Export.” A .csv file should download to your computer. Depending on your browser, you may need to manually download the webpage that opens separately as a .csv file.

Q. Why can’t I find my data on the Data Portal or some of my data seems to missing?

A. If you submitted your plot without internet connection, your plot will not be uploaded to the portal site until your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. If you see plot info uploaded for one of the apps and not the other, please verify that you have entered all the required information and have submitted your data for both applications. If your problem persists, please email support@landpotential.org.

Q. How do I retrieve the photos I took in the application?

A. URL links are provided to each of the landscape, soil pit, and soil sample photos that are uploaded from the user. Copy/pasting these URLs in your browser web address bar will bring up each of the photos, which can then be saved to your desktop, hard drive, mobile storage, etc.

Q. Where can I find information on how the LandInfo results and LandCover summary indicators are calculated?

A1: In the data portal export page, select either “Metadata for LandInfo” or “Metadata for LandCover” to access and download the .csv file containing all metadata for each indicator in LandInfo and LandCover. The metadata list matches with the column headings provided in the raw data outputs for your plots.


Q. What are the primary applications of LandInfo and LandCover?

A. Landinfo guides you through a site assessment and soil characterization process resulting in point-level (<10m squared) indicators on plant available water holding capacity, FAO length of growing period, and climate (monthly averages). Future versions will provide relative estimates for land potential (productivity and sustainability). LandCover adapts line-point intercept protocols to measure vegetation cover and structure elements for a 50m2 plot. Q. Can I mention the LandPKS project/applications in my organisation’s presentation at a conference or meeting? A. Yes. Please acknowledge LandPKS as an open-source project aimed at improving sustainable land management through local inputs into a cloud database system. If you require any additional info, or would like to use logos and/or informatics charts, please contact us at contact@landpotential.org.

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