What is LandPKS?

  • A free modular mobile phone app connected to cloud-based storage, global databases, and models
  • A system for storing and accessing user data
  • A system for sharing data, information and knowledge

What are the modules?

LandInfo– for rapid soil (texture, color) characterization, soil identification, and accessing soil and ecological site information.

  • Identifies soil based on location + user inputs
  • Predicts soil infiltration & plant available water-holding capacity (AWC) at variable soil organic matter (SOM)
  • Determines Land Capability Class (LCC) for sustainable land use planning and management
  • Determines Soil Color using the phone’s camera and a standardized reference card

LandCover– for rapid vegetation monitoring (vegetation composition, plant height, and canopy/basal gaps).

  • NRCS/BLM-compatible methods
  • Used for rangeland monitoring, natural resource conservation, and crop residue monitoring
  • Determines vegetation composition, plant height, and canopy/basal gaps

LandManagement – on-farm record keeping (inputs, management, yields)

  • Provides data summaries
  • Allows for record keeping about crops, fertilizer, lime, irrigation, rainfall, erosion control, tillage, etc

Other Modules coming soon: SoilHealth and Biomass/Utilization.

How-to Videos:



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