LandPKS Pilot Testing with Local Level Participatory Land Use Planning in Ethiopia


In the month of August, our Ethiopia Local Coordinator Adane Buni organized a series of
trainings and pilot tests with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Land Administration and Use Directorate.

LandPKS with Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture


The training series included a Training of Trainers for the Ethiopian Regional Land
Administration and Use Experts. The training was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and
included both classroom presentations and field demonstrations of the app. In total, 227
agricultural officers, researchers and students were trained in using the LandPKS app.
During the pilot testing across several regions of Ethiopia, land biophysical data were collected
using the LandPKS app and conventional Ethiopian Rural Land Use Planning methods to
compare the approaches. The pilot tests showed that the LandPKS and conventional land use
planning approaches were comparable. As a result, the Land Administration and Use
Directorate has begun planning for extending the app out to its land use planning experts.

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