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LandPKS Quick Guide and Manual in Amharic

The LandPKS quick guide and a full manual from the Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia in Amharic.

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LandPKS Training Guide – Swahili

Mwongozo kamili wa mafunzo ya LandPKS kwa Kiswahili.

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LandPKS Training Guide – Oromic

Qajeelifama Leenjii ‘LandPKS’ guutuu. | Ergaa gabaabaa ‘LandPKS’ fuula tokkoo.

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LandPKS Training Guide – French

Un guide de formation complet de LandPKS en français.

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LandPKS Training Guide

The Training Guide gives step-by-step guidance to quickly get you up and running with LandPKS.

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What is Land Capability Classification?

The Land Capability Classification (LCC) System is a global land evaluation ranking that groups soils based on their potential for agricultural and other uses. LCC can help determine if land is suitable for certain uses and whether there are risks for degradation.

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Taking the Guesswork Out of Soil Identification

Determining land potential begins with developing an understanding of the soil. This typically requires digging a hole and measuring a soil’s physical, chemical, and/or biological properties.

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