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Round-leaf four o’clock

The flowers of this four o’clock open before dawn and remain open until mid-morning, just a few hours.

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Plains Ragweed

Plains ragweed is found in moist areas around playas, which are temporary depressional wetlands filled by local rainwater. In years with prevalent spring rainfall, many playas fill with water, and this species is abundant.

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Bell’s twinpod

Fruits of Bell’s twinpod, are found in pairs giving the plant its name.

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Spalding’s Catchfly

Spalding’s catchfly gets its name from abundant, dense sticky hairs on the stems and leaves that frequently trap dust and insects.

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Great Plains White Fringed Orchid

The Great Plains white fringed orchid flowers produce a fragrant scent from the evening and into the night to attract pollinators. The species is pollinated exclusively by sphinx moths or hawk moths, whose proboscis length matches the length of the nectar spur of the orchid flower.

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Colorado Green Gentian

Colorado green gentian is a rather ordinary or drab looking plant compared to most gentians that are often showy with bright purple or blue flowers.

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Blowout Penstemon

The blowout penstemon is only found in a small area of Nebraska and Wyoming where significant active sand dunes are found. Blowout penstemon has fragrant flowers, which is unusual for penstemons.

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Showy Prairie Gentian

Showy prairie gentian is considered one of the handsomest prairie wildflowers.

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