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Pronghorn Antelope

Female Pronghorns usually give birth to twins, with young females often giving birth to a single fawn. Pronghorn can reach speeds of 50 mph/80.5 kph and are North America’s fastest mammal.

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Mule Deer

When alarmed, mule deer bound away with four feet hitting the ground together at each bound. This is called “slotting” and is different from white-tailed deer who spring from hind to front feet.

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Pygmy Rabbit

Pygmy rabbits are the only rabbit in the US that digs its own burrow. They also produce alarm vocalizations to communicate in response to threats, which is uncommon among rabbits.

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Olive-backed Pocket Mouse

External cheek pouches of olive-backed pocket mice, like other pocket mice are fur-lined and are used to collect and transport large quantities of seeds.

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Swift Fox

The swift fox is the smallest canid in the United States and gets its name because it can reach speeds of 25 mi/40 km per hour.

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