Introducing Brent and the LandPKS Application Programming Interface (API) System

Brent, an undergraduate student at New Mexico State University, has been working with LandPKS on the API (Application Programming Interface) and an automated build and testing suite. Whenever a change is made to any LandPKS app, the automation suite builds the newest version with the changes that were just made. After building these changes, the suite runs tests on the application that was changed to catch bugs or mistakes that may occur. The suite launch emulators for all the main operating systems and goes through input process. After inputting the data the suite then validates results from LandPKS models and creates tables and stores results in the tables. This system allows changes and bugs to be tested constantly and the results stored for tracking purposes.

The LandPKS API on the backend is a single insertion and retrieval point. This allows anyone to send and receive data from a single point. This API integrates all the insertions and updates the plot areas whenever data is received. The API also integrates our models into the data as it received. The API allows all this multidirectional data flow to be unnoticeable and easily manipulated to the end user. The API also allows anyone to use our data in other applications with simple http requests. When a request for a site is received, the API retrieves all the relevant data and returns the results via the same query. Integrated into the LandPKS API is “API Explorer” which allows anyone to become acquainted with the “API” by showing the types of requests that can be passed as well as the responses received.

Brent Barnett is a dual undergrad student in the Chemical Engineering Department and the Computer Science Department at New Mexico State University. He is a transfer student from Austin, Texas. He has worked with automation and database engineering for six years. Prior to joining Jornada he worked for Versasuite and IBM as a software and database engineer respectively. His primary roles are build/test automation and LPKS API development. His interests include database development, prediction algorithms, process design and automation.

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Brent Barnett – API Data Manager
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