LandPKS Training: A Comprehensive Training for the LandPKS App (Version 3, 2018)

Course Overview

This training is for the newest version of the LandPKS app, version 3.0. LandPKS aims to serve as the primary access and development point for free, simple to use, and locally appropriate technologies and knowledge needed for making sustainable land management decisions. The program develops innovative web-based and mobile data collection and analysis methods and tools to support local land use planning and to optimize design and implementation of food security, land restoration, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity conservation programs.

Training Summary

  • This LandPKS Training is acomprehensive guide on how to download and use the LandPKS app, including the LandInfo and LandCover Modules.

  • This training is flexible, it can be completed in one day or over the course of several days.  Participants may chose to complete the entire training or select sections that will help them further their understanding of the LandPKS app.

  • Includes topics such as: how to use the LandPKS app, analysis and interpretation of results, and use of the Data Portal.

  • LandPKS app can be used for:rangeland monitoring, ecological conservation, soil conservation, agricultural development, research data collection and others.

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