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The LandPKS Knowledge Hub is a space for exploring knowledge about land potential. Here, you can find valuable information about managing your land.



Using LandPKS for Rangeland and Species Monitoring: Changing Ecosystems

A high school-level lesson plan that explores the following questions: How do ecosystems change over time? What effect do humans have on the environment? What makes a species threatened or endangered? How might a species adapt to a changing environment?

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Using LandPKS for Rangeland Monitoring: Soil, Grazing, and Rangeland Management

A high school-level lesson plan that explores the following questions: What is rangeland? Why should we monitor rangeland? What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative data? What does ground cover tell us about our soil health? How does grazing affect ground cover? What is erosion and how does it happen? How does our soil connect to climate?

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LandPKS Audience Overview

At LandPKS, we are proud of the fact that our products can serve a wide range of audiences. Our audiences live all over the world and work in many different sectors.

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User Guide for Teachers and Students

Get started using LandPKS for teachers and students in 5 easy steps.

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Sustainable Land Management Curriculum: A 3-Lesson Module

A three-lesson curriculum developed by the Asombro Institute, designed to teach students aged 10-14 about how to use LandPKS to share data, information, and knowledge.

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LandPKS Teacher Manual

The LandPKS Teacher Manual is intended for middle school students aged 12-14 and covers a range of topics with field studies.

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