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LandPKS Release 3.3.0 – Introducing SoilID and LandManagement

AUTHOR:  Carolyn Kerchof, LandPKS
DATE:  September 20, 2019

Version 3.3.0 of the LandPKS app adds soil identification predictions and simple calendar-based land management record keeping.

What’s New:

  • SoilID function to accurately predict your soil
  • LandManagement module for farm record keeping
  • Access soil and climate information and create plots on map/satellite image

Download or update the app in your phone at the App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android.


Site-specific soil data now available with SoilID!

  • Direct access to soils mapped near your GPS location
  • Predict soil of your exact location using your site-specific soil texture, slope, and soil color data
  • Identify your soil based on GPS location, your data, or both
  • View info on Land Capability Classification
  • Access Ecological Site information (US only)

SoilID release screenshots


Plan and track your management actions.

Using our convenient calendar system, plan out future management actions and record daily activities. Record rainfall, planting data, tillage operations, yield, and more!

LandManagement release screenshots



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