About Us

Our mission is to support farmers, ranchers, gardeners, land-use planners, and other natural resource managers with open-source tools that allow them to easily access knowledge and information, and to collect, share, and interpret their own soil, vegetation cover, and management data.

LandPKS data, information, and knowledge can be used to improve soil health and productivity. It supports all  approaches to land management including traditional, regenerative, organic, and holistic.

As a team, we strive to provide easy access to practical tools and information for land managers around the world.

Why LandPKS?

LandPKS stands for the Land Potential Knowledge System. It is important to understand not only the potential production capacity of land but also its potential resilience. Land potential is determined by the climate, soils, and topography of the land. Viewing land management through the lens of land potential can support sustainable agricultural production, biodiversity conservation, and other ecosystem services by matching land use with the capacity of the land to meet our current and future needs.