The LandPKS Team is Focusing on Trainings in 2019



With the recent hiring of LandPKS Country Coordinators in both Tanzania and Ethiopia, thLandPKS team is putting much of our efforts into conducting more trainings, improving our training materials, and translating both the training materials and the app into other languages.  We have training materials available on our website in Swahili, Amharic, and Oromo (, and we have recently released a new version of the LandPKS app that is translated into Spanish, with French and Swahili to be released in the next month. 

Mr. Elifadhili Daniel, our Tanzania LandPKS Country Coordinator, has developed an ambitious plan to conduct trainings all over the country.  If you are in Tanzania and interested in learning more about LandPKS, please contact him at

In Ethiopia, Mr. Adane Buni, our Ethiopia LandPKS Country Coordinator, is working on developing partnerships and collaborations with government agencies working on issues of land use planning.  These partnerships will include training throughout Ethiopia as well.  If you are in Ethiopia and interested in learning more about LandPKS, please contact him at

LandPKS Version 3.2 Released with SoilColor and Land Capability Classification Features

Knowledge for sustainable land management – in your hands!

What’s New

  • Land Capability Classification class determination
  • Soil Color function to determine color
  • Ability to use the soil color or texture guide without creating a site
  • Updated Soil Limitations tab with new inputs
  • Spanish language (change language in Settings)

The LandPKS app helps users make more sustainable land management decisions by allowing them to collect geo-located data about their soils and vegetation using several modules. It then provides users with information about their site. It also provides free cloud storage and sharing, which means that you can access your data from any computer from our Data Portal at . The LandPKS app does not require a data connection to be used, and users can upload their data when they have connectivity. The LandPKS app currently includes two modules: LandInfo and LandCover.

The LandInfo module makes site and soil characterization fast and easy! The app walks the user through how to hand texture their soil, and document other important site characteristics. Version 3.2 includes the new Soil Color function, which allows the user to determine the color of their soil sample by taking a photo of the sample next to a reference card.

This version also includes the new Land Capability Classification (LCC) results in the Report page. LCC classifies the land into 8 different classes based on sustainable production potential based on Slope, Soil Texture, and Soil Limitations. This can be used for land use planning and land management.

The LandCover module is a simple tool for rapidly collecting and recording vegetation cover using a 1 meter or yard stick. The module walks a user through collecting vegetation data using a point-intercept method at 5 points at 20 locations in each plot. Cover results are automatically calculated on the phone and delivered to users as simple graphs, including cover trends over time.

Learn more about the LandPKS app on the website. Training resources, including guides and online trainings, are also available on the website.

The LandPKS app was developed by USDA-ARS in collaboration with CU Boulder and NMSU with support from USAID, BLM and NRCS.