Announcing the Release of LandPKS 3.0

The LandPKS team is happy to announce that we have released a new and improved version of the LandPKS app.  This new version is a result of months of hard work for everyone on our team, as well as helpful feedback from our users around the world.  The LandPKS app helps users make more sustainable land management decisions by assisting users to collect geo-located data about their soils, vegetation, and site characteristics; and returning back to users useful results and information about their site.  It also provides free cloud storage and sharing, which means that you and others can access your data from any computer from our Data Portal.  The LandPKS app does not require a data connection to be used, and users can upload their data when they next have connectivity.  LandPKS app includes two modules: LandInfo and LandCover.  The LandInfo module walks a user through how to determine the texture of their soil, which is critical information for smallholder farmers and can help them plant crops suitable to their soil type.  The LandCover module walks a user through how to collect vegetation cover data, important for vegetation monitoring and ecosystem restoration. The LandPKS app Version 3.0 is free and available now on the Google Play Store and iTunes Store.

What’s New?

  • Updated and improved user interface
  • Easy navigation between data input and report (results) screens
  • Graphical LandCover results including cover trends over time
  • Graphical LandInfo results with a table of texture and rock fragment volume by depth
  • Available Water Holding Capacity and Infiltration calculations for your soil
  • Upload data to the Data Portal at any time by hitting the “Synchronize Now ?” button


Other Improved Features Include:

  • A simple, primarily graphics-based interface that minimizes language and literacy requirements.
  • Embedded tutorials and explanations to guide the user through the app.
  • Offline data collection
  • Unlimited access to stored data via our Data Portal


Learn more about the LandPKS app on the website.  Training resources, including guides and online trainings, are also available on the website. The LandPKS app was developed with support from USAID and USDA-ARS.   Please contact us at with any questions, comments, or feedback.

LandPKS Tools: Overview Presentation at the Jornada Experimental Range

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The Land Potential Knowledge System project is based out of the USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range ( The Jornada focuses on the management of land resources in the southwestern US, as well as globally. The Jornada programs are comprised of long-term scientific investigations, experiments that contribute to national research objectives, development of technologies applicable to land management, and synthesis of information for public use. The Jornada works to find solutions to real problems.

A few weeks ago, the LandPKS team presented an overview of the new LandPKS App (Version 3.0) at the Jornada. Caitlin Holmes (LandPKS Program Coordinator) introduced the LandPKS team and discussed the new LandPKS website ( Amy Quandt (LandPKS Global Coordinator) presented an overview of the LandPKS app and how it is being used in Tanzania and Kenya to help land managers make more sustainable land management decisions. Jeff Herrick (LandPKS Project Lead) then provided an in-depth live demo of the app and walked the audience through how to use both the LandInfo and LandCover Modules. Shawn Salley (LandPKS Soil Scientist and Head of Research) presented the various research projects that the LandPKS team are working on. Lastly, Brandon Bestelmeyer (Researcher Leader at the Jornada) and Jeff Herrick discussed future linkages between LandPKS and EDIT (Ecosystems Dynamics Interpretive Tool) to support ecological site-based management decisions. The LandPKS team hopes that this video presentation is helpful to organizations and individuals interested in using new, innovative technologies for more sustainable land management. The LandPKS app is available for free on both the Google Play and iTunes Stores. Please contact us at with any questions or inquiries.