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The world's human population is expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050.


The pressure on land and the world's natural resources to sustain this population will be immense.


How we choose to sustainably manage these lands will make all the difference. is a global partnership committed to developing and supporting the adoption of freely available technology and tools for sustainable land use management, monitoring, and connecting people across the globe.

What's New

The application suite LandPKS 2.0 is now available to download.

This is part of a suite of applications released starting in April 2015 to serve as site characterization and vegetation monitoring tools for use by land managers in Kenya and Namibia. Design modifications are ongoing, and are implemented based on user feedback.


Please review the LandPKS data and privacy policy posted here. User Guide for the apps coming soon!


API accessible here.


Images from left to right: Lilian Ndungu, LandPKS GIS Data Coordinator; Early LandPKS field test;David Kimiti (L), Research Technician, testing LandPKS with members of the West Gate Community Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya

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