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The world's human population is expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050.


The pressure on land and the world's natural resources to sustain this population will be immense.


How we choose to sustainably manage these lands will make all the difference. is a global partnership committed to developing and supporting the adoption of freely available technology and tools for sustainable land use management, monitoring, and connecting people across the globe.

What's New

LandInfo and LandCover mobile apps for Android now free to download!


UPGRADE! New app versions available now on Android.

LandInfo makes soil and site characterization fast and easy! This app allows you to enter data about soil texture, topography and easily observable soil properties. It also provides free cloud storage and sharing, which means that you and others can access your data from any computer as soon as your upload completes. Cloud connectivity also allows the app to return site-specific temperature, rainfall, estimated amount of water the soil can store for plants, and growing season length information for your location within about 5 minutes of data upload.

LandCover is a simple tool for rapidly recording vegetation cover and structure using a 1 meter or yard stick in a 1/4 hectare (3/5 acre) plot. Indicators are automatically calculated on the phone, and all data and indicators are automatically uploaded to the Cloud as soon as a data connection is available. Users record vegetation cover using a point-intercept method at each of 5 points at 20 locations in each plot. Plant height class, plant density for up to 2 species, and the presence of large inter-canopy gaps are also recorded at each location.

This is part of a suite of Android applications released starting in April 2015 to serve as site characterization and vegetation monitoring tools for use by land managers in Kenya and Namibia. Design modifications are ongoing, and are implemented based on user feedback. These links may be used to add the apps to your phone.  LandInfo. LandCover.  You may also search the Google Playstore for these apps.


Please review the LandPKS data and privacy policy posted here.  You can find instructions for LandInfo here and LandCover here.



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Images from left to right: Lilian Ndungu, LandPKS GIS Data Coordinator; Early LandPKS field test;David Kimiti (L), Research Technician, testing LandPKS with members of the West Gate Community Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya